SDSU Bridges Program

Welcome to the SDSU "Bridges to the Future" Program!

SDSU will continue its successful fifteen year partnership with three local community campuses - San Diego City College, Grossmont College, and Southwestern College - in which 75% of past and current Bridges students have transferred or are preparing to transfer to SDSU or other four year university. Bridges students transferring to SDSU have participated in research programs at the NIH, The Scripps Research Institute, Harvard, MIT, UT Southwestern, U. of Wisconsin, and other major research sites. Students have published papers in peer-reviewed journals, presented their research at national meetings, graduated, and entered postgraduate studies.

The goal of the SDSU Bridges program is to train 20 students a year from the three partnering colleges to complete their bachelors degree training. The outcome of the program will be to produce highly competent young scientists; among those transferring to SDSU, students will have a 90% retention rate in their baccalaureate degree programs. The Bridges Program has helped students achieve their academic objectives through enrichment courses in laboratory skills, research ethics, biomedical research techniques, technical writing, chemistry, microbiology, human physiology, calculus, computational biology, and a colloquium addressing minority health care disparities.

Continued "bridging" of students can occur after transfer to SDSU, through its NIH and NSF-funded undergraduate research training programs, all targeting underrepresented science majors. The progress of Bridges students is tracked from program entry at community college through transfer to SDSU and matriculation to graduate school.